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Walking On The Moon - Cas Haley

Chapter Twenty Eight



This was turning into more than a crush, I thought lying in my bed staring at the ceiling. I noticed that, those feelings, earlier this afternoon when I found myself standing on his doorstep, seeking physics tutoring.

        Before walking over, I noticed that his mom’s car wasn’t in the driveway, but his was. Was I setting myself up right now? I thought, being my usually cautious self. No way. I knew Adam for about four weeks now and he didn’t come off as the type that might take advantage like that.

       I rang the doorbell and waited. After about thirty seconds I rang it again. Maybe he had his headphones in or something. When about twenty more seconds flew by, I sighed and turned to leave. I was almost to the bottom of his porch steps when I heard the door open behind me.

       “Sam?” I heard him say.

       I spun to find Adam standing at the front door in nothing but a towel. His hair was wet and water droplets shimmered like crystals on his bronze skin. I had obviously disrupted his shower.

“I’m sorry!” I blurted out. I could feel my cheeks warming up. In my panic, like a complete idiot, I held my physics book up to hide my face. “I was coming for tutoring, but you’re busy, so never mind.” 

       “No no, stay! You’re fine.” He said. I moved the book from my face, catching another glimpse of that gorgeous body. He moved aside, opening his door to let me in. “I was just getting out of the shower. Sorry it took so long for me to answer.”

       Okay, I knew I should have gone back home like a good girl, but instead I quickly made my way into his house. 

       He motioned his hand towards the sofa. “Uh, have a seat. I’ll be back down in two seconds.” Then he disappeared up some stairs. 

       The first thing I noticed about his home was the aura in the air. It felt very, very homey. It also was incredibly neat and carefully decorated from the shiny marble floor to the dazzling chandelier that hung above me. To my right was the living room that appeared to be African themed. I placed my physics book beside the Surf magazines on the bamboo coffee table and took a seat on the brown felt-leather couch. On the wall there were three decent-sized self portraits of Adam, a younger boy, and an adorable little girl who looked no more than three years old. None of the children looked the least bit alike. The boy had shorter hair and bright green eyes, while the little girl appeared to be Caucasian with a round face and big hazel eyes. 

       “We’re cute, aren’t we?” Adam’s voice broke the silence, startling me a bit.

       Even though he was being sarcastic, he was right. He had a very attractive family. I smiled and nodded. “Totally. Siblings? ” I asked. I figured they were, but I just wanted to verify.

       “Yeah. Hadrian’s my brother and Marlee’s my sister.”

It’s almost as if Adam had read my mind because he continued with, “Hadrian’s at an alternative school in Washington and Marlee’s doing her week at her dad’s house. If you‘re wondering why they’re MIA.” 

I shot him an extremely confused look.  “What do you mean Marlee is doing her week? And how old is Hadrian?”

       He sighed. “Too old to be getting into so much trouble; he’s almost sixteen. As for Marlee, the court’s custody agreement is that every three weeks she spends a week with her dad.”

       “When is your brother going to be back?”

       “About another week, give or take.” He turned his body so that he was completely facing Hadrian’s portrait. He let out a breath. “I really miss the kid. I just wish he wasn’t such a damn idiot sometimes.”

       “If you don’t mind me asking, why did he get sent off?”

       “You see, Hadrian’s really good with Graffiti. He’d never been in trouble with it until one day he decided to display his talent on a police officer’s house, the same officer that busted him for weed a couple months back. He was actually really comical about it though. On the front door he sprayed on a huge marijuana leaf and wrote ‘fuck da police’ across it, then sat around waiting for the officer to get home while smoking a fat blunt. Dumb as hell, but hilarious.” Adam softly chuckled and returned his gaze on me. “Anyway, enough about him. Let’s get to you. So admit it, you really came over here to see my lovely face?” He grinned. 

        I folded my arms. He was way too sure of himself. “I came just to finish my physics homework actually. Ok?” I kind of snapped. 

       He held his hands up as if he was guilty as charged. “Just to finish physics. Nothing more, nothing less.” He took a seat in the recliner beside the sofa that I was sitting on.

       I opened my physics book. My paper and the questions were neatly stuffed inside. When I looked over at Adam, he was staring off into space. Um hello. Physics? I cleared my throat. “Hey, why don’t you come over here so you can see the questions?”

       He waved his hand at me. “Oh, no thanks. I’m good right here. I wouldn’t want you to think I was trying to make a move on you by being near you while we did the assignment.”

       “Excuse me?”

       “I’m just being honest. It’s like every time I try to be nice or so much as joke around with you, you freak out and reject me. So I think I’m going to stay right here while you call out the questions so we can make certain that you don’t get offended. Why do you always think I’m trying to make a move anyway?”

       I couldn’t say anything because he was right. I had my guard up super high all the time around him. I should just say it like it is. “I’m like that because guys like you think that they’re so smooth and can nail any girl they want to. Well guess what Adam, you’re cute and you’re charming, but I’m not falling for your little games. Who knows how many girls there are that you’re ‘just being nice to’ right now. Sorry that I have a low tolerance level for that kind of behavior.” I stopped myself. I was already saying a mouthful.

       “Where in the hell is all this coming from? What makes you think I’m a player?”

       “A few weeks ago while you were dating your wonderful ex-girlfriend you kissed some brunette chick in your driveway. Seems like a player to me!”

       He looked confused at first, but then it came to him. “Sam, are you serious? That’s why you’re built up this whole façade about me?” He narrowed his eyes. “You were spying on me in my driveway?”

       “Yes! I mean no, I wasn’t spying on you. That was my mom. And yes, that’s why I know you’re the player type. You flirt with the girls and make them fall for you and then you leave them empty handed.”

       “That’s a lot to judge someone with that you barely even know. I thought you, of all people, wouldn’t be the type to label someone… First off, that ‘brunette chick’ has a name. It’s Denise. She’s my ex before Natalie and I can’t stand her. She’s psycho. Secondly, the day your mom witnessed that kiss was the day she moved to Virginia to help take care of her sick grandma. She forced me into that by surprise, saying that it was the last thing she wanted before she left. That was it. As for you, you’re a very attractive girl so I can‘t help but to flirt a little. I’m human, not a player.”

       Ohmygosh. I felt like shit. I just sat there speechless for a minute. When I finally built up the courage, I sincerely said, “Adam, I’m so sorry. I- I should go.” I closed my physics book and stood up.

       He came over to me. “No, really. It’s fine. We don’t ever have to talk about that misunderstanding again. It’s in the past.” He smiled. “I would love for you to stay so I can help you.”

       I really needed this homework done. “Are you sure?”

       He nodded. “Come on, have a seat.”

       He sat beside me and we began homework. Eventually, he ended up taking over and just spoon fed me the answers because I still didn’t understand things, so the homework was over in a breeze.

       “And that about wraps up all of physics one,” he said, slamming the book shut.

       I was so relieved to have all of that chaos finished that I screamed, “Thank you!” and wrapped my arms around him. I didn’t realize what I was doing until Adam looked at me funny. “What?” I asked, looking up at him.

       “Oh nothing. It’s just weird having physical contact with Miss Prestige Samantha.”

       I softly punched his chest. “Oh shut up.” I rolled my eyes. “But really. Thanks.”

       “My pleasure. Should I walk you home? It’s getting dark.” 

       “Adam. I live less than ten seconds away. I think I’ll be fine.” I laughed.

       And that was it.

       Here I am - replaying this entire afternoon over and over again in my head - thinking about his dimples every time he smiled or the way he smelled when I hugged him goodbye. Yeah, this was definitely more that a crush.

Chapter Twenty-Seven



       “Babe, he’s trash. Don’t worry about it.” Was all James said in effort to try and “console” me. As we lounged in my bedroom before starting tonight’s homework, I continuously focused on the fact that I was once again caught in the act of sex. And that aggravated me.

&       ldquo;So let me get this straight, you don’t even care that someone heard us having sex? Someone, I might add, that you don’t even know.” I asked frustrated at his simple mind. Did he have any humility?

       He smirked cockily at my question. I guess not.

       “I’m just glad he knows who’s the boss around here.”

       I took a step back, perplexed at his remark. How selfish! I was obviously still scarred by the shit that went down last year. And then he had the nerve to say that? My anger that had been locked away for a year was beginning to resurface.

       “Who’s boss? What the hell. Did you purposefully come over just to show him whose ‘territory’ he was in?” I begged the good Lord above that he had a damn good explanation for this arrogance towards me.

       “Yes. I mean no. I mean… Shit. But I didn’t plan the sex I swear.” He ran his fingers through his bleach blond hair and looked at his feet. The total ‘im lying’ body language package from head to toe.

       “Get out.”

       “Star, I didn’t do it on purpose I swear! Come on, let’s get that homework done.” To avoid further confrontation or arguing, he walked over to my desk. Our books were lying on top of one another and he “busied himself”, eager to change the topic.

       “I’m serious James. Get your shit and get out.” I couldn’t contain myself any longer. If he didn’t get out of my house, out of my sight, I was going to flip. He looked at me, picked up his book and stormed out of the room without a word.

       I waited until the front door slamming filled my ears before I threw myself onto the bed in frustration. How could he do this to me again? Men and their stupid pride.



       I whipped into Adam’s driveway Nascar style. He opened the garage door just as I was walking up the steps.

       “Hey man, what’s up?” He asked. When I looked up, I noticed the door wasn’t all the way open. He was hiding something.

       “Who ya hidin’ in there bro?” I asked suspiciously.

       He opened the rest of the door to reveal Sam doing some homework on his coffee table.

       “Oh.” I was surprised. “So you finally made a move on her you sly dog.” I gave him a half smile of approval.

       Adam smiled back slightly and scuffed his shoe against the gravel. He obviously wanted me to get lost.

       “I’ll catch up with you tomorrow man. Good luck with the homework.” I winked. I was not in the mood to cock-block. I guess the fight would have to wait until tomorrow.

       When I walked into my house, the lack of family activity hit me like a punch to the face. Mom was gone doing who the hell honestly knows, while Dad was upstairs in his office typing furiously on his computer. I was practically alone when Dad was in his office and it wasn’t like I could make him care about his own son.

       I walked up to his office and stood in the doorway. His eyes were practically glued to his contemporary glasses and a bead of sweat was starting to form on one of the crevices in his forehead. His once blonde [insert texture of dad’s hair here] was almost a full head of white hair.

       My pops was physically aging faster than his actual age. I was more disturbed in how I was just now noticing this change. How old was he again? 49?

“What’s wrong?” He spun around in his chair to face me.

“Nothin’ dad. I didn’t mean to bother you. Just on my way up to my room.” I turned and made my way down the hall.

       Star is mad at me, Adam is busy and my dad is a corporate drone. I am so lonely. I thought. Who was I supposed to talk to now?

       I didn’t bother shutting the door; who was going to come in here anyway? I plopped down on my mattress and held my head in my hands.

       “Hey, what’s wrong with you today?” My dad asked from the doorway. He never came to my room. This was a first.

       “Dad I’m fine.” I said waving him off, but he didn’t go away. Instead he walked in and sat down right next to me.

         “I’m your Dad, I’ve been your dad, and I’ll always be your dad. You know you can tell me anything right?”

       My eyes started getting watery when I started thinking about how lonely I was.

       “Its just…you and mom are never home anymore.” I said in between sniffs.

       “I know. Believe me I know. I just don’t know what to do. Your mom and I get paid a lot of money to have these jobs. I just wanted my only son to have the best life he could possibly have.” He sighed.

         For a while we just sat there in silence. This is why I couldn’t talk to my Dad about anything. He had a mechanical answer for everything I asked or said. I don’t know what happened to the dad that taught me how to surf when I was just a tot. The dad that I used to catch kissing my mom in the kitchen in the middle of the night. The dad who thought of Adam as his own son. Now he doesn’t even have time for his real son anymore. I guess that dad left when our lifestyle changed drastically. I think we all changed when my dad and mom both got the job of their dreams.

       “Im sorry son, I’ve got work to do.” He said, and then walked out of my room in silence. I heard him make his way to his office and start typing away at his computer again.



       My mom was gone again. I almost never see her anymore. It’s one campaign after another with Ryver. He was stealing my mom away from me, and frankly I could care less. Over this past year I have become my own individual person and I found out that I didn’t need anybody.

       I took another bite out of my thick peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I don’t need anybody. I told myself. I was curled up on my couch watching another episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. It was the one where Lilly and Marshall were realizing how co-dependent they were on each other.

       My heart throbbed and my eyes watered. Who am I kidding? Why was I lying to myself like this? I did need somebody, and that somebody was James. I desperately looked for my phone in the comforter I brought from my bedroom. 

       It lit up as soon as soon as my hands found it. James’s name appeared on the screen. He was calling. I couldn’t answer fast enough!

       “Hello?” I answered biting my lip. I was not in a fighting mood.

       “I’m on my way,” was all he said. I didn’t know whether to be happy or scared. Either he was ready to apologize or ready to fight it out. I never knew with James because he’s the unpredictable type, something I both hate and love. I popped in a piece of gum and combed some knots out of my hair. By the time I was downstairs again, there was a knock at the door.

       I opened it and James flung himself at me. His arms held my waist and when his lips met mine with such intensity, my first reaction was to pull back.

“I thought we were fighting?” I asked in confusion, a tiny hint of a smile couldn’t help but to escape.

       “I don’t want to fight anymore Star. Last night was great, and I honestly don’t give a shit who heard it. I just want to be with you.” His eyes were a little puffy. I could tell he had been crying.

       “I want to be with you too,” was all I could think to say, and it was the truth.

       I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips up to his. We just stood there for a while and kissed.

       He broke the everlasting kiss and looked me in the eye.

       “I’m still in love with you ya know.”

       “I know.” I smiled at him. He knew I loved him back. He broke out into a full smile. Seeing it warmed my heart since I hadn’t seen one of those in a while.

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Rihanna & Katy Perry | We Found Love Last Friday Night

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Chapter Twenty Six


8:11 am

I noticed it as soon as James walked in late for Mrs. Leimon’s first block class. 

         “What are you doing in here?” He said, surprised to see me. He took the desk beside mine.

         “Schedule change,” I said. I swapped my first and second block; I’d rather get calculus taken care of first thing in the morning when I‘m completely focused. I’m a morning person for sure. “But the real question, James, is why are you doing that?”

         He did it again. “Doing what?” He asked.


         He was bewildered.

         I pointed to his face. “That thing with your mouth. I think they call it smiling.”

         “Am I not entitled to smile?”

         “Fuck no. I know you Mr. Harper, and you don’t just walk into the classroom smiling for no reason.”

         He laughed. “It’s a beautiful day. There’s your reason.”

         “Bullshit. What happened last night?” 

         He grinned big. “What do you mean?”

         “I came to pick up my spare cleats from your house last night and you weren’t there. First thing I see on my time line this morning is Star‘s tweet, ‘It‘s going to be a great day!’, and then you come in the classroom all smiling and shit. Somethin‘ went down.”

         He smiled and shrugged. 

         Yep. I knew it. “Did you two…last night…?”

         After a while of him just sitting there grinning, deciding rather to lie or not, he finally said, “Haha, is it that obvious?”

         I pat him on the shoulder. “It‘s practically written on your forehead bro.”

         He gave me a yeah-right look and changed the subject. “Anyway,” he cleared his throat, “Did you watch the France vs. USA game last night? I forgot to. Vick’s gonna kick my ass.”

         “Did you forget to? Or were you preoccupied?” I winked.

         “Asshole. Tell me the highlights please.”

         I sighed,“Fine, if you must know your majesty.” He flipped me off. I laughed. “U.S. won with Ricardo scoring the one point they made and Beckerman assissting him. France’s midfield took a of couple shots, but one was blocked and the other went way over…”



Towards the end of first block Economics, Mrs. Candice assigned us a few pages to read in our text books. Of course no one was doing it, except the group of super-cliché nerds huddled in the front. 

Star and I were in the back talking about our interesting afternoons yesterday. She told me about Leo, and I told her about Brandon.


9:45 am

To this day, I still haven’t figured out why they placed the Physics 2 lab so far away from every other senior class. Most senior classes are on the first floor: hall A or hall D. But no. Physics 2, with crabby-ass Mr. Buchanan, was on the second floor: hall R - which was the last hall on that floor. And of course his classroom, 903, was at the very end of that hallway. From past experiences, I knew I couldn’t be late or he’d bitch. Mr. Buchanan is one of those old school teachers that believes in anally making sure that you abide all school policies; he’s one of those teachers that takes his or her job way too seriously.

         When I had him for freshman biology, I was speed walking. Occasionally I had to jog to class. Running up the red-painted, metal stair case made me think of all those rainy days of indoor soccer practice. Coach Vick would make us run up and down, up and down, and up and down this staircase until we felt like we were going to upchuck our hearts. 

         These stairs also reminded me of the good ole days when Julia Spears, a senior at the time, would purposely walk right along the railing as she went up. I, along with James, Declan and the others, would stand  at the bottom of the steps in a perfect angle just to sneak a peek up Julia’s skimpy skirts. Sometimes she didn’t wear anything under them. I snickered at the memory and began thinking about how mature I’d become since freshman and sophomore year. 

         When I reached the top of the stairs, I began to jog down the crowded hallway. There were too many annoying freshman up here. I noticed a couple of young girls giving me flirty looks as I passed by, which I guess was the reason why my head was turned when I ran into Sam, who was coming towards me in the opposite direction. 

          I was ok though. She, on the other hand, was on her ass, books scattered everywhere.

          “Oh my God,” She said. I helped her to her feet. “I’m so sorry! I wasn’t even paying attention to where I was going. I was trying to read room numbers and I didn‘t want to be late and I was in a hurry and…” She was turning red. 

         I thought it was cute how she was panicking. “No, it’s my fault. I should have been looking in front of me,” I assured her. I kneeled to gather her binder and papers.

         “Thank you, Adam.” She said as I handed her her things. “Are you ok?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” I calmly laughed. “You were t         he one who hit the floor.”

         “I’m fine.” Sam said, brushing her butt off.

         “Where are you headed?” I asked. 

         She pointed to the classroom door right beside us that I hadn’t noticed before: Mr. Buchanan’s Physics 2 class. “Physics 2. You?” 

         Sam is in my Physics 2 class. I heard angels singing. “Same. I got switched into this class today.” I looked in the door and noticed Mr. Buchanan flaring his nostrils at me. What the fuck? “We might want to go in…” I told Sam.

         “You’re right.”

         I followed her in and was about to sit in the first empty table when I heard a loud EHH’HMM. I turned to find Mr. Buchanan eyeing me down. “Mr. Ikner,” he grumbled.

         I devilishly smiled, remembering how James and I gave him hell freshman year. We got kicked out of his class at least twice a week. “We meet again Mr. B,” I said, holding up my hand for a high-five. He gave me nothing but rejection. 

         “It’s Buchanan, Mr. Ikner. Furthermore, what are you doing in my class?” He looked pissed.

         I showed him my new schedule. In seeing this, he let out a long, deep, miserable sigh before saying, “We have assigned seats. Alphabetically.” He pulled out his roster and skimmed down the list. “Looks like you’ll be sitting beside Ms. Lewis. Take your seat.”

I had never been thrilled to have this German last name until today. I couldn’t help but to smile as I took my seat beside the stunning Ms. Samantha Lewis. She returned the smile and whispered, “I don‘t think Mr. Buchanan likes you.”

         “He doesn‘t.” I replied. “He doesn’t like anyone. His old ass needs to go get laid.”

         She giggled. “I don‘t think that‘d make a difference.”

         I thought of James and Star. “Oh, you’d be surprised.”



I wondered if Adam noticed all the girls giving me bitchy looks around the classroom. I mean seriously, some of these  chicks were giving me looks as if I were making out with him. Then again, if I weren’t sitting next to this gorgeous Brazilian guy, who smelled amazing, I would be pretty jealous too.

         Adam was also super smart. Mr. B assigned us an eighty five questions review over everything we learned in Physics 1. It was to be completed for homework if not finished in class. Adam finished his assignment in forty-five minutes. I even looked over it to see if it was just bullshitted through, but it wasn’t. It was legit. 

         At that point and time, my brain labeled Adam as bionic.

         On the other hand, I was still on question sixty-seven when the bell rang.

         “Do you need help?” Adam offered, stretching as he stood up from the table.

Yes, yes I do need help. “No thank you.” I smiled, hoping he’d just take that for an answer. Of course he didn’t.

         “Are you sure? I don’t mind shoving a few answers your way. I know physics 1 is a lot to recall in one hour.”

         As bad as I wanted to  say yes, just to say yes, and have some one on one time with him, I said “I’m sure. I’ve got it.”

         He quickly said. “Let me walk you to lunch then.”

         My heart fluttered. “What?” The way I toned my voice came off as more offended rather than shocked.

         “I mean, I figured since we were headed to the same area, but you know- I mean not if you don’t- I won’t walk with you- I mean, I will but only if you want me to- which is cool… if that’s what you want to do…” He started silently tapping his finger on the table.

         On the inside I was dying with laughter at how nervous he was getting. Duh, I wanted to walk with him, but the thought of Natalie’s harsh words made me cringe. Plus, this nervous little boy act could be part of his ‘game’, which I wasn’t going to be subject to. I thought of the mysterious girl/kiss that my mom had witnessed in the driveway that day.  “I’ll see you in the cafeteria, Adam.” 

         He nodded. “See you.” 


Two stories and surrounded by huge bay windows on three walls, West Palms High’s cafeteria was huge. It reminded me of East High‘s lunchroom from High School Musical. There was only one lunch wave, so every kid in the school dined at this time, resulting in a super loud and very populated cafeteria. Lunch flowed smoothly though. There were two serving lines and one huge salad/fruit/desert bar. If you didn’t want what the school was serving that day, you had other options. There was an Italian pizzeria or the Samurai Sushi bar, my favorite part of the cafeteria. I’d eaten there yesterday and I was highly impressed with the quality of their WPH rolls. Their most popular roll was the Barracuda. It’s a roll with salmon, avocado, cream cheese, and cucumber deliciously wrapped in seaweed and rice. Ten pieces made to order freshly rolled or deep-fried.

         Although the Barracuda was calling my name, I brought food from home today. My mom left my tin lunchbox on the counter for me this morning, complemented by a little note that said, “I love you. Have a great day!”

         The seating arrangements were so cliché, but when are they not in highschool? From what I could see, it went like this: four main categories - Freshies, Sophies, Juniors, and Seniors. Freshman mainly dominated the right side of the floor, while sophomores had the left. On the second floor balcony that surrounded the bottom floor, the seniors populated the left and the juniors chilled on the right. Nonetheless, there was still an intermix of grade levels in each of the respective areas and within each category there were the typical cliques. You had the sports teams, potheads, art freaks, preps, nerds, cheerleaders, ghetto people, band geeks, girls that never eat, emos, and other stereotypical groups.

         So where did that leave Star  and I? Un-stereotyped. But we weren’t the only ones though. It was more like we were apart of the mature people who didn’t believe in labels. Just friends.

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Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter 25

Star 6:00pm


                I woke up to the sound of loud knocking. “This day just keeps getting weirder.” Who would be knocking on my door at this hour? I searched in the couch cushions until I found the familiar square shape of my iphone. It was already 6 “o” clock! I must’ve been asleep for a good three hours already. When I finally mustered up the energy to answer the door I found the one and only James Harper.

                       He showed no effort in trying to cover up the angry expression on his face. James is a good foot and a half taller than me, and for the first time I felt the pressure of his height crushing down on me. I could barely get the words out of my mouth before James gently nudged me out of his path and continued his march upstairs and into the guest bedroom.

       “What are you doing?!” I finally managed to spit out. My heart was racing with each step he took closer to Leo. I felt this overwhelming need to protect Leo even though I barely knew him. It’s just something about his innocent dark curls and boyish smile complimented by two perfect dimples that made me want to curl up next to him and drift away. 

       My stomach sank. “I couldn’t possibly have feelings for him.” I told myself reassuringly. I didn’t even know him anymore.

       “I’m going get that stray and take him back where he belongs!” He almost yelled at me emphasizing on the word stray. James never yells. I have no idea why he would be this angry he knew the kid even less than I did.

       “You can’t take him home! His parents would pissed, James what is up!? I told you this already! He just needs a place to stay for a day or two.” The intensity of the fight was consuming me. I was so confused. He walked back down the stairs until we were face to face with each other. 

       “He is using you Star. I know this kid alright, he mooches off of sweet girls like you for a while then one day takes off with all of your shit. He’s bad news, he’s trash. Let it go!”

My mouth gaped open. I took a step back in shock. He would never steal from me.

        “That’s not true James.” I almost whispered to him. We stared at each other a while before he spoke again.

       “One day someone is going to take advantage of you Star, and I’m not going to be there to protect you like I do now.”

       His words were harsh but I knew all he was doing was looking out for me. I felt helpless. I had been taking care of myself for a long time now; I had a lunatic mother and an absent father. I’ve always had to be strong for myself and in this one moment I just wanted someone else to take care of me.

       I felt the tears well up then fall out onto my cheek. James swept me up in his arms and sat us down on the couch. For a while I just bury my face into his chest and cry.

       When I finished my little episode I looked up at him. I probably looked down right atrocious. My hair was still damp from the sea water and my eyes were red and puffy from crying on and off all day.

       “You know I’ll always be looking out for you right?” He asks sincerely, while brushing some unruly curls back into their rightful place behind my ear.

       “I know.” Was all I could manage to say. I really didn’t deserve him. He pulled me into a soft sweet kiss. His familiar lips pressed against mine. Warm and caring, he truly was my protector.

       “How do you know him?” I asked curiously after our kiss had ended.

       “Adam and Leo have history.” He said. He wasn’t telling me everything, but I would have to get it out of him later. Right now I just wanted to sleep.

       “Can you stay with me tonight?” I asked him sweetly. I was feeling undeniably close to him in this moment, my protector.

       “Of course I will.” He said smiling one of his big flashy smiles. He knew I couldn’t resist but to smile back. We made our way back to my room (which was filthy). Clothes were stashed in every corner and hook. Good thing my bathroom was still somewhat in tact.

       “You are a mess, but I love you.” James says catching onto my look of dismay. He wrapped me in his arms and led us to my small bed in the corner of my extremely disorganized room. That was the second time we made love, and it was far better than the first.

                The next morning I woke up slowly, the light that seeped in from my blinds dancing on my comforter. When I remembered what happened last night I automatically turned my face to find James curled up with his blonde hair lying perfectly on top of his head.

                I pulled the blanket off of me and quietly got out of bed. When I made it to the guest bedroom I noticed that the bed was made up and empty.  Where could he have gone?

                I decided to look into the kitchen and see if he was already eating. All I found was a scribbled note on the dining table.

                Dear Star,

I didn’t know you were taken, and i was very surprised when I heard the filthy noises coming from your bedroom last night. Wont bother you again..promise.

                How is it that every time I have sex something bad happens! Maybe God is trying to tell me something. What did he mean by “I didn’t know you were taken?” Was this all really a scam to get into my house? This was too much for just waking up. I had to tell James what had happened.

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